My Background

Enlightenment photography started in the fall of 2012 as a hobby taking pictures of my nephews and nieces at their sporting events. What started out as a hobby slowly grew into a thriving business. Through hard work, dedication and faith I have been fortunate to have photographed baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, graduations and proms across the Chicagoland area. 

Photography as Communication

 Those special moments that put a smile on your face. While nearly everyone has a camera for snapshots, people need professional quality photos when they will be shown to an important audience and when people want to be seen in the best light.  

Sharing Stories

How stressful is it to organize an event and be a photographer at the same time. You find yourself caught up in the moment and miss the perfect picture that capture the emotions of the moment. 

My artistic photographs bring bits of my stories into your life and home.